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Slow Roll Cleveland Code of Conduct

1.  Have Fun, Make New Friends - Simple, right?

2.  Pay Attention to SQUAD - SQUAD is composed of volunteers, wearing identifying shirts, who lead and manage the ride. If they give you an instruction, please try to follow it.


3.  Stay Right - Always leave the left lane open for cars and always ride to the right of your nearest SQUAD volunteer if you can do so safely avoiding road hazards.


4.  Stay Behind the Leader! - Don't ride ahead; look for the SQUAD member at the front of the pack!


5.  Communicate - Let people know when you're moving in front of them.


6.  Be Aware of Your Surroundings - Talk, laugh and enjoy the ride, but also keep an eye on the road and nearby traffic, including other cyclists.


7.  Share the Road - We don't own the road, we share it with all other traffic. Be respectful of drivers and pedestrians; they have a right to be here, too!


8.  Be prepared - Bring a front and rear light which are legally required from sundown to sunset; a lock and a spare tube. We can make some general repairs during the ride, but your bike may need its own brand of TLC.


9.  Wear a Helmet - We strongly encourage the use of helmets.


10. Stay Together - Try not to fall too far behind or leave large gaps between yourself and others. We're strongest and most visible when we ride together! If you're having trouble keeping up, notify the nearest SQUAD member.


11.  Keep Music at Reasonable Volumes - We love music, but not everyone has the same tolerance or musical taste. Keep it low and keep it respectful; we're riding past people's homes, not announcing a hostile takeover.


12.  Don't Litter! - If you have a bottle or a snack wrapper, hold on to it until we pass a trash can. If we treat our city with care and respect, it will treat us well in return.


13.  Don't Show Off - Stay on the road and off the sidewalks, and always ride forward, not in circles or the opposite direction. We always ride in the direction of traffic.


14.  Be Respectful - Don't be negative to other riders or people we pass on the route, even if they're giving you a hard time. You're representing Slow Roll Cleveland; we stand for positive change in our community.

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