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Cold Roll #4: Solon Horizons

It's time for another entry in our off-season series of cold weather rides. This time we're going way outside our normal sphere and heading out to beautiful downtown Solon in the Southeastern corner of Cuyahoga County for a ride this Sunday, March 5, at 3 PM, starting from Solon Community Park. We only have one cold roll left after this, so if you haven't experienced a winter roll, come out and join us for this one.

Relatively mild conditions are expected for us Sunday as we meet in Solon Community Park, and you can probably keep the snow tires at home. We'll kick off from near the picnic pavilion at the end of the main parking lot, so look for us there.

This will be shorter than a normal Slow Roll and we expect the ride to take around an hour to complete. As with all of our off-season rides, we're on a more casual footing, and we don't expect anything like a full complement of squad along to guide the way, so we ask riders to come as prepared as possible for the event, with spare tubes for their bike and frame pumps as basic necessities if you have them. Solon roads aren't quite as treacherous as Cleveland streets, so keep that in mind as well.

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